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Al Bundie's Army

Saint Louis / Missouri

The twin guitar interplay of Todd Parker and Adam Gaines of Al Bundie’s Army, featuring Parker playing the melody and Gaines modulating a third up on the scale, make them instantly…Oh screw that… Al Bundie’s Army peddle a ferocious brand of punk rock grounded by bass and drums and punctuated by their instantly recognizable  twin guitars that do more than just smack of Iron maiden, they smack the whole genre around.

Founded as a pop-punk band in 2011, today they are a vicious example of what happens when too much three chord punk is mixed with too much Iron Maiden.  The current lineup of Sam Evans, Chris Shofa, Adam Gaines and Todd Parker came together in 2013 and since has released so much music that it qualifies them as a cottage industry of raucous riff-laden punk.  They released three full length CDs, Robocop (2011), The Reagan Years (2012), lovingly recorded on an ultramodern cassette player, and Kenny Went to Disneyland (2013), an ode to former guitar player Kenny Jolsen.  2014 was supposed to be the year of the EP with one released digitally every month and, before the plan fell apart due to injuries, they managed to release three; Shit We Learned From Iron Maiden (January 2014) -Depressionage (February 2014), and Side One (March 2014) - a love letter to the likes of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr.

The upcoming BCR release, Sound of Urban Decay, is a departure for the band with its lyrical concern for politics and social decline.   Soon the band will take to the road for their first tour, dragging their twin guitar attack from the St. Louis all the way to New York City and back.

Relatable Acts: Iron Maiden, Circle Jerks, Propaghandi, Iced Earth, Judas Priest

Sam Evans
/ bass, vocals

Chris Shofa
/ drums, guitar

Adam Gaines
/ guitar

Todd Parker
/ vocals, guitar

Releases & Merch

The Sound Of Urban Decay

Al Bundie's Army