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Chicago / Illinois

Dreamy vocals, thick guitar, and lots of energy, Chicago’s A*Star is a group that paints a rich tapestry of powerful tones and ethereal melodies over a solid foundation of indie and classic rock for a sound that's completely modern.

Perry Pelonero and Kim Welsh are a music duo and couple who have been working together for five years. They are currently writing for their A*Star project, which is named after their daughter Ada. Perry enjoyed success with his Boston shoegaze band Skylight in the early 1990’s. He and guitarist Brent Martino brought it back in 2007 and added Kim on vocals. In 2008, Perry and Kim formed the band Bliss.City.East and ended it in 2012. In 2010, Perry and Kim partnered with Dean Garcia (of Curve) and released an EP as Morpheme. Perry also writes and plays guitar for Garcia’s SPC ECO project. They have provided guest production and music tracks for many bands across the globe. Kim and Perry own an instructional video production company in Chicago, where they live with their family. In 2012 Kim and Perry brought Mike Parkin from the Beijing Tangs and Ian Baird from Spring Clock Wonder in for guest spots and ending up taking them on full time. 

Relatable Acts: Lush, The Joy Formidable, My Bloody Valentine, Mazzy Star, Ride

Kim Welsh
/ Vocals

Perry Pelonero
/ Guitar

Mike Parkin
/ Guitar

Gianfranco Ventura
/ Bass

Ian Baird
/ Drums

Releases & Merch

Release 1

A*Star / Blindess
Split 7-inch


Release 1 Skateboard

+ A*Star / Blindness
Split 7-inch


BCR Skateboard

+ ALL of our first six
Split 7-inch releases