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London / England

Formed in 2008, Blindness features Beth Rettig (vocals, programming, noise), Kendra Frost (bass, noise), Debbie Smith (guitar, feedback, noise) and Alex Lutes (drums, programming, noise). Originally a three-piece they recruited Lutes to “fill out” an already intense set of pre-recorded loops and noise as well as live bass and guitar courtesy of Frost and Smith, the latter being guitarist for 90’s bands Curve and Echobelly and, later, Snowpony. Taking sonic tips from The Jesus and Mary Chain as well as My Bloody Valentine and with the hook sensibility of PJ Harvey, Blindness show "exquisite warmth" in their "seductive dark wave electro pop."

Relatable Acts: Jesus & Mary Chain, Nine Inch Nails, Elastica, Curve, PJ Harvey, Garbage

Beth Rettig
/ Vocals / Programming

Debbie Smith
/ Guitar

Kendra Frost
/ Bass

Alex Lutes
/ Drums / Programming

Releases & Merch

Release 1

A*Star / Blindess
Split 7-inch


Release 1 Skateboard

+ A*Star / Blindness
Split 7-inch


BCR Skateboard

+ ALL of our first six
Split 7-inch releases