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The Great Crusades

Chicago / Illinois

Vocalist/guitarist Brian Krumm gathered the current band members in Chicago more than 15 years ago, including collaborators Brian Hunt (bass), Brian Leach (guitar/keyboards), and Christian Moder (drums/keyboards). Krumm had released the band’s first album, The First Spilled Drink of the Evening, in 1997 while based in Champaign, Illinois, and moved north the following year.

The Great Crusades are currently mixing their 8th studio album, Thieves of Chicago, with Grammy winners Brian Leach and Blaise Barton. The band has already confirmed shows in the United States and festival appearances in Europe for a Summer 2014 tour. This will be the band’s 20th European tour.

Relatable Acts: Gallon Drunk, Tom Waits, Replacements, Nick Cave

Brian Hunt
/ Bass

Brian Krumm
/ Vocals / Guitars

Brian Leach
/ Organ / Guitar / Vocals

Christian Moder
/ Piano / Percussion / Drums

Releases & Merch

Release 4

The Great Crusades / Planeausters Split 7-inch


Release 4 Skateboard

+ The Great Crusades / Planeausters Split 7-inch


BCR Skateboard

+ ALL of our first six
Split 7-inch releases