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Ravensburg / Germany

Releasing their first single “Insect Songs” and having their debut appearances in Berlin and Paris, the band soon established their own view of independent music philosophy. French magazine CROSSROADS ranks the PLANEAUSTERS among bands like dEUs, Dead Man Ray or Venus as one of the best and most interesting current European independent groups. The self-sufficient three-man band PLANEAUSTERS stand out with a weightless Independent Rock. The sometimes rough and archaic arrangements create a very own hypnotic tension.

Relatable Acts: Velvet Underground, Waterboys, Bob Dylan, Wilco

Michael Moravek
/ Guitar / Vocals

William Bruce Kollmar
/ Bass

Per Ceurremans
/ Drums

Releases & Merch

Release 4

The Great Crusades / Planeausters Split 7-inch


Release 4 Skateboard

+ The Great Crusades / Planeausters Split 7-inch


BCR Skateboard

+ ALL of our first six
Split 7-inch releases