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Tone Rodent

Saint Louis / Missouri

Tone Rodent is cacophonous and loud. Watkins leads with a strong, esoteric voice while bassist Matty Coonfield lays the foundation with a lumbering sound. Keyboardist Mark Early brings sharp noise, cutting expertly through the band's musical arrangements. Jeff Robtoy's guitar lends an unhinged edge, channeling noisy feedback and dynamic range. Drummer Adam Dick keeps the beat like a live metronome, gluing each part to its whole. The band's giant sound is punctuated by Ashley Hohman, who backs up with added vocals and percussion. Watkins now fronts a six-piece band and funnels his noisy work through a strict rock filter.

Relatable Acts: The Warlocks, Sonic Youth, The Black Angels, Jesus and Mary Chain

Adam Watkins
/ Vocals / Guitar

Matt Coonfield
/ Bass / Vocals

Jeff Robtoy
/ Guitar / Vocals

Mark Early
/ Keyboards

Adam Dick
/ Drums

Releases & Merch

Release 6

Bastard and the Crows / Tone Rodent Split 7-inch


Release 6 Skateboard

+ Bastard and the Crows / Tone Rodent Split 7-inch


BCR Skateboard

+ ALL of our first six
Split 7-inch releases