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By: Jim Harper
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Blog Post

After years of neglect at the bottom of your closet Boxing Clever is shoving the cassette-only genius of St. Louis legends Judge Nothing back into the light.  We culled some of the greatest tunes from their cassette-only back catalog and given them new life on vinyl. Tracks have been hijacked from Cheese Sampler, Shoe Bob, the aptly named…More, and others.  

The hardest part for us and the band was paring down the list of tracks to fit on an album; but here are a few:

Make It Stop

How Many Steps?

New One Today,

Have A Nice Day

Watch On

Tooney Lunes

If you were lucky enough to see Andy, Doug, Flea, and/or Carlos open for the Dead Milkmen at Mississippi Nights, at any of the awesome parties they threw at their practice space in downtown Alton, or witnessed the look of shock and horror on their faces as Whoppers Taste Good commandeered their lovely equipment for an impromptu show at the Frosty factory and proceeded to thrash around like maniacs, this collection is the answer to your prayers.  If you weren't lucky enough to see them in their prime, pick up this vinyl and see how cool the world used to be.  We are pressing a mere 100 of these gems, so gear up for a fight at the record counter.  More details on this amazing collection coming shortly.