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The Microdance Single – Making Plans for the End

By: Jim Harper
Friday, November 14, 2014
Blog Post

Alex Keevill, composer and orchestrator of The Microdance was introduced to me by my friends Ian Baird and Perry Pelonero. Between the two of them, I believe they know everyone. Long story short, London’s The Microdance ended up on our 5th 7” release from our first series. The release got a lot of attention, and the accompanying skate deck for Record Store Day got a lot of drools.

In the meantime, they show no signs of slowing down. Gavin Mata Hari and Alex of The Microdance traveled all the way to Los Angeles to record at The Lab with producer/engineer Frankie Siragusa, who if The Microdance recordings are any indication, is a MONSTER behind the console. Like the kind of recordings you wonder if you can even do justice describing them. Frankie also supplied Alex some studio musicians that have some credibility of their own. Nicole Fiorentino for example, who has played with Veruca Salt and The Smashing Pumpkins, added some amazeballs vocals. She’s been featured in Bass Player and Rolling Stone. Eric Gardener  (Iggy Pop, Morrisey, Tom Morello) destroyed some drums, and by destroyed I mean played them flawlessly. 

Also, Alex and Nicole did a live duet in the studio.

This single is just one of the many massive tracks on the upcoming album, and honestly, we’re releasing the single because we can’t wait until the rest of the album is done.

You can buy it here.

I can tell you this. The full-length is going to be beautiful: An absolutely beautiful record. With pockets of heavy that have about 12 miles of luscious layers over them. This record is for people who like power and beauty, all at the same time. It’s still being mixed, and then it will need to be mastered, pressed, etc.

Back home in London, Alex and Gavin are tearing up the UK with Cheryl Pinero and Tomas Garcia, and we see a lot of rave reviews on their shows.

In the meantime, enjoy the one finished single we do have, and stay in touch to find out about the progress on the album.