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By: Jon Copp
Friday, February 20, 2015
Blog Post

Wanna hear an awesome tale full of wonder and excitement? Too bad, we’re going to tell you anyway.

A few months back, we found this rad band on the interwebs, and collectively said, “Oh, f*ck yeah.” So we mailed them a piece of paper ripped out of our spiral notebook that read: “We like you. Do you like us? Check yes or no.”

Unless they’re professional catfishers and we just haven’t found out yet, they checked yes.

So allow us to introduce the newest addition to Boxing Clever Records, Vomitface.

Why would we sign a band named VOMITFACE, you ask? The question you should be pondering is: why the f*ck wouldn’t we sign a band named VOMITFACE?

The Brooklyn-based band has been making cool sounds together for the past couple years, and is currently working on new material to be released as an EP on BC REX in May 2015, followed by a full-length album later in the year.  

Check out their wonderfully weird video, Sloppy Joes, and then take a listen to the rest of their current material on their bandcamp page.

We’re super pumped to work with them, and can’t wait to hear the grungy, sludgy beautiful madness they conjure up next.  

We’re pretty sure you will dig it as much as we do.