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Bruiser Queen / Sweet Static

Release Date: Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sweet Static pulls you close, makes you feel special and then dances the night away with you like you’re the only one soul on earth. Drummer Jason Potter brings the frenetic beats and thumps like a magnet to your feet as singer/guitarist Morgan Nusbaum’s powerful Corin Tucker-like vocals make a siren-call that your ears can’t resist. The album’s opening ballad, “Tiny Heart Attack,” and later tracks “Girl Like Me” and “Some Girl’s Ghost” showcase the true beauty of Nusbaum’s range and control. Bruiser Queen’s cut-the-rug-to-pieces bread and butter are at full power on the rest of the album under Potter’s dance rattle percussion from “On The Radio” to the surfy “Invisible Girl” and the final track, “Wear My Crown.” Sweet Static is truly the best of both of the words in the title, as Bruiser Queen continues to define their uniquely infectious brand of powerful beauty.

1 / Tiny Heart Attack

2 / On The Radio

3 / Girl Like Me

4 / Invisible Girl

5 / Harlequin

6 / Save Me

7 / Ain't It Enough

8 / Late July

9 / Some Girl’s Ghost

10 / Wear My Crown